Today we compare them to see who will pack more punches.

What does the research say?

When choosing a navigation layout for your app usually you will need to define the position of primary, secondary, and tertiary navigation hierarchy. A research study “A comparison of three-level menu navigation structures for web design” by Jennifer Rose Kingsburg indicated many benefits for having primary navigation on the left…

Learn how to plan and run a successful design thinking workshop.
Helping teams reach important objectives and have fun.

All recommendations in this guide are based on learnings from over a hundred workshops, large and small, onsite and remote, with startaps and enterprises that we have facilitated at Windmill and…

UX tools series

Journey mapping may seem complex, especially if you trying to do it in the group workshop. This article will give you a powerful tool and a simple template, that will help you create insightful journey maps and facilitate like a pro.

Why customer journey mapping?

Journey mapping is one of the most powerful and commonly used tools designed to map/describe how users reach their goals. When we combine storytelling and visualization we immerse ourselves into the client experience. When done properly the value of journey mapping is immense:

Understanding process- journey mapping forces us to…

Making choices never was more satisfying. A detailed look at checkboxes, radio buttons, and toggles design.

The word “toggle” is a reference to a switch with a short handle that alternates between two states each time it is activated. You encounter it every time you “switch” on the lights.

As for “Radio Buttons” the word comes from the car radios that as common practice had a…

All you need to know about button design, one of the main interactive building blocks for creating a user interface.

In order to design the right interactions, we need to look back at the history and origins of physical pushbuttons, a direct predecessor of the UI component so heavily used in all digital products today. Buttons are amazing. The touch of a finger setting an appliance, a car, or a…

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